Cheers to she, her, you and us.

LittleParfait is a positive community for women across the globe. It is a platform for you to create and share tips to help young women navigate all aspects of their daily lives, and discuss the issues that matter most. Find the latest in everything from culture, female empowerment, careers, beauty, fashion, health and much more. Join like-minded women in spreading a little love and cheer to help inspire smiles everywhere.

Here at LittleParfait, we believe every woman is a little perfect. She is strong, fearless, compassionate, inspirational, and brilliant. Together, we can take on the world.

We have created this platform, to bring us closer and celebrate our differences, through sharing our experiences and tips for everyday life.

Cheers to she, her, you, and us - supporting and guiding each other as we navigate life.


Be the writer, reader or both.

Over the past year, we have been working hard to create a truly simple, easy, and pretty, social blogging platform. The end result is an application with the look of a magazine combined with the latest in social features to help you connect with women across the globe.

Our goal is to become a positive hub for women to discuss everything including career, style, culture, health, beauty, and self-love. We want to provide a platform for women to motivate, uplift, and inspire each other to accomplish their goals and be who they want to be. At LittleParfait, you can be the writer, or reader, or both.

At LittleParfait, we like to reward you for your contributions - it’s our way of sparking a smile, and giving you that little boost to be more positive. Create your own inspiration station by following the ladies you love and putting your best self forward. Have an incredible story or experience? Need advice in a judgement-free zone? Want to share your top tips, or have an open discussion about an issue? We’re a place for just that.

Create. Publish. Earn Rewards.

Get points for positivity. Whether you create or cheer someone on - earn points, level up, and get rewards.


Please reach out if you have other questions.

I already have a blog, why should I join?

That’s fantastic! We encourage existing and new bloggers to join us and discover the new ways in which you can connect with like-minded women. We encourage bloggers to promote their own blog and social media on our platform. At LittleParfait, the focus is on you, the community. Try creating a new post and see how simple it is to edit, beautify, and promote it using our user-friendly layout.

Why do some contributors have a ‘star’ icon on their profile?

To show our loyalty to the women who first believed in us, and reserved their accounts prior to launch, we created a specialized symbol of appreciation to distinguish them as a Founding Contributor - without whom, we could not have perfected our platform.

How do I become a Category Expert?

After you have posted a 100 articles in a specific category, you will be given an opportunity to apply for this position. After our team has reviewed your application and approved, your new title will be visible on your profile - along with an icon to distinguish you from other contributors.

How can my post get Featured?

Write a spectacular post (article), hit submit, and wait. Our team is constantly on the lookout for the hottest new post to feature on our cover (homepage). We look for how in-depth, creative, and ‘cheered’ the article is before making a decision. Each cover feature stays up for a week, which means you have plenty of chances to be selected. Every time your article has been featured, the number will be reflected on your profile stats.

If you have any questions, please direct them to - or contact us via Instagram or Twitter for a quick response.