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Saving The Planet From Home - My 10 Tips

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  •   Jul 18, 2018

How beautiful does the beach look here? This was during my recent trip to sunny Mexico. The sea was clear, the environment was thriving, and the wild animals were loving life!

But behind the lens, are pieces of plastic along the shores, tangled into nature and destroying its beauty. The stark contrast between man-made materials and thriving nature definitely isn't a pretty picture.

If you're like me, you'll want to do something about it! So, today I bring you some of my top tips in ensuring you aren't adding to the destruction of our beautiful planet. Simple life changes will become second-nature to you and can make a huge difference in preventing the amount of waste and plastics from entering the eco-system.

  1. How often do you walk into a shop and come out with plastic bags holding all of your groceries? Think about it- it really adds up! A simple change to prevent this plastic waste is to take your own shopping bags. There are so many to choose from- and you don't have to splash the cash! A cute tote bag or a sturdy 'bag for life' purchased online or from your local supermarket will do just the trick. If you're feeling creative- you can even design your own! Here's one I made myself from a cheap organic cotton tote bag and some iron-on transfer paper:
  2. Don't you think it's ridiculous the amount of plastic packaging on fruit and veg? Save the environment and choose loose vegetables and fruits where you can. Grab yourself a cotton mesh bag instead and use this while you shop- or even a cheap brown paper bag will be just fine!

  3. Where you can, try to choose products which come in cardboard containers rather than plastic. A great example is pasta or rice- you can almost always find a product for the same price in paper-based packaging rather than a plastic bag.

  4. Love grabbing a coffee from your local cafe? Well, did you know you can actually take your own reusable cup? This is supported by many huge coffee chains such as Starbucks- taking your own reusable coffee cup is a great way to reduce waste (and plastic!).

  5. Avoid plastic straws where you can! A lot of places (well, where I live in the UK!), are now actually switching to paper straws rather than plastic. This is great, but it still contributes to waste, and to be honest they're not the best thing to drink out of! Instead, you can grab yourself some stainless steel straws online- they're so handy to pop in your bag on a night out or if you're going for a meal. Plus, they can be washed and re-used again!

  6. Use reusable bottles rather than buying bottled water. Off to the gym? Take your own bottle with you rather than purchasing one while you're there! It's a small change, but if you think about the number of bottles you go through- it can be a lot!
  7. Goodbye, face wipes! Obviously, not a plastic, but face wipes/make-up remover wipes are also causing a huge problem in terms of masses of waste filling up the planet. Ditch the wipes and purchase a face cloth. Some brands even come with these now- and they're so handy! Whether you choose organic cotton or bamboo, facial cleansing cloths seem to really popular at the moment. They're softer on your skin, and when paired with the right product they really do take all of your makeup off! Plus, you can just wash them and use them again...and again!

  8. Glitter is another product causing havoc to the eco-system! It doesn't biodegrade, which means it is just adding on to the piles of non-biodegradable waste we have already. But don't fret- you can buy eco-friendly glitter! This type of glitter washes off and dissolves- making it an awesome choice for your next festival!

  9. Say no to microbeads! Microbeads are basically very small pieces of plastic and appear in a lot of beauty products. Instead, opt for something which is eco-friendly such as a sugar scrub. A natural sugar scrub will do wonders for both your skin and the environment.

  10. Try your best. This all may seem a bit daunting- and I guarantee you will slip up a few times! So take the changes slowly- and just try your best where you can. Every little helps, and by making small changes you can help protect the planet- and hopefully, encourage others to do the same!

I hope my top ten tips gave you some inspiration on how to reduce your waste when it comes to plastics. Each small change you make, can make a huge difference!

Emma x

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  Birmingham, United Kingdom
Emma Powell

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